Design. Create. Transform.

Comm-Ply is a leading vehicle transformation company known for its close client collaboration and commitment to sustainability. We prioritise reducing carbon footprint, achieving an impressive 98% recyclability rate in our conversions.

With a national coverage network serviced by multiple UK hubs, Comm-Ply efficiently serves clients in diverse regions. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities ensure stringent quality control and fast turnaround times. By combining expertise, craftsmanship and sustainability, we offer businesses reliable and environmentally conscious vehicle solutions guaranteeing they are provided the right solution every time.

About us

Our decades of experience and commitment to constantly improving our advisory service allows us to understand our customers’ specific installation requirements every time.


Comm-Ply provides solutions for a variety of automotive businesses – from dealer groups to rental companies.


We offer a wide range of products to create bespoke solutions for every type of business. From racking to lighting, our expert fitters ensure your vehicles are up to the job.


We hold and maintain a host of accreditations for our company and its production facilities.  In addition, our installation teams have an on-going training program to ensure they are up to date with the most recent legislation, health and safety, and for working on the latest vehicles such as electric vans, for all products that we supply and install.



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