Understanding customers’ specific installation requirements comes with years of experience and commitment to constantly improving our advisory service, carefully understanding our customers’ requirements, guiding and recommending solutions tailored to their needs.

Complementing in-house manufactured products, we partner with the world’s leading brand manufacturers. Using the latest 3D design visualisation systems, we can ‘spec’ your vehicle’s installation before any work begins.

We have years of industry experience and invest heavily in our installation teams for best possible ‘start’ to ‘finish’ experience whenever you engage Comm-Ply.

Core Values

For Comm-Ply, sustainability, design, and quality are at the forefront of our values. We believe in providing bespoke solutions and a national fitting service that not only meets but exceeds customer expectations. Our focus on customer satisfaction is reflected in our commitment to delivering the best end-to-end experience.

We are dedicated to using environmentally friendly materials and processes in all products and strive to create solutions that are not only functional but also visually appealing and durable. As a company, we continuously work towards making a positive impact on the environment and society.

Research & Development

Essential to Comm-Ply’s production development is understanding new vehicles and their requirements. Not only do we take exacting measurements, but with our practical manufacturing knowledge we know how products need to be produced for minimal vehicle impact.

The exponential rise in electric vehicles and vans has made our expertise more prevalent than ever before. When there are complex, and potentially fatal, electrical circuits beneath the vehicle body, not damaging or piercing the fabric of the van is crucial. Doing so would not only result in compromising the vehicle and its warranty but creating very serious hazards to its drivers and occupants.

Vehicle measurements are transferred by our in-house digital designers to CAD programs that assist in creating patterns which are in turn interpreted by the in-house CNC machines that produce lining and racking systems from a host of materials addressing all customer needs.

Not limited to lining and racking, Comm-Ply works with partner factories and suppliers in the development of accessories that complement our own manufactured products and allows us to offer a single-supplier solution.

Manufacturing & Automation

As a proud UK manufacturer, Comm-Ply offers several invaluable strengths:

  • Supply chain control
  • Quick turnaround
  • Bespoke solutions
  • End-to-end expertise
  • Lowest cost base

Automation builds on our manufacturing strength with speed of production, consistency and assists in offering customers competitive pricing.

Our UK locations are now home to nine CNC machines. These plants produce lining and racking systems from a variety of sustainable traditional plywood grades and, growing in popularity, lightweight plastics that are widely requested and recommended to keep weight to a minimum for greatest vehicle range – particularly appropriate for electric vans.


Not limited to branding, graphics also encompass legislative items such as ‘Chapter 8’ chevrons. Design, manufacture and installation are services provided by Comm-Ply’s in-house team.
As with lining and racking, our in-house design team can work from and adapt client supplied artwork or interpret and apply brand guidelines to create livery. Digital visualisations are prepared for review, including “application” to vehicles before any edits are made and the graphics produced.
Comm-Ply’s expertly trained installation teams undertake installation at one of our national locations or the client’s choice of address – ideal for minimal downtime. Items such as ‘Chapter 8’ chevron boards are also popular supply only products.

National Mobile Installation

Comm-Ply’s teams of expert installers undertake vehicle fitments nationally and are qualified to install all products, further reducing our carbon footprint and delivering exemplary service. With strategically located hubs, including manufacturing facilities at Leeds and Milton Keynes, we aim to complete jobs within two working days at the client’s choice of location. Not only does this save on travel time for customers but results in minimal downtime, with most installations completed in the same day.


Steve Whitaker

Managing Director

Jessica Barrington

Operations Director

Carl Barrington

National Installations Manager

Colin Pearson

Sales Manager


We hold and maintain a host of accreditations for our company and its production facilities.  In addition, our installation teams have an on-going training program to ensure they are up to date with the most recent legislation, health and safety, and for working on the latest vehicles such as electric vans, for all products that we supply and install. Where applicable, method statements are produced and risk assessments undertaken before installations are undertaken.

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