Comm-Ply is a proud advocate of environmental consciousness. Our new plywood, sourced from sustainable producers, avoids the use of formaldehyde as a bonding agent, allowing it to be recycled or used as an alternative fuel. All manufacturing offcuts are burned in our furnaces, which are nontoxic by virtue of integrated filter systems. The ash is sent to local farms where it is then reused. We also use the furnaces for heating our factories.

Our sustainable initiatives continue with recycling and repurposing waste materials:


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We use nesting software in the cutting of lining kits to ensure complete tessellation, however any offcuts are being recycled via our filtered in-house furnace.


Our team works with local specialist suppliers to source products and raw materials with the latest sustainable initiatives.


We carefully select our printing supplies to ensure full recyclability when it comes to the vehicle’s End-of-Life.

Carefully Selected Materials

We only use ethically sourced wood, without using formaldehyde bonding agent to ensure recyclability of our ply lining kits.

Waste Management

We recycle 98% of our waste via filtered in-house furnaces and selected partners to reduce our carbon footprint.


We are completely redesigning our product packaging and developing a sustainable range of products.

Alternative Materials

We are continuously developing and testing other sustainable materials to incorporate into our wide product range.

Route Management

We are using route management software with our own logistics to reduce our carbon footprint.


With two production facilities, we are proud to manufacture our core products in the United Kingdom.

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