Comm-Ply is a company that specialises in transforming vehicles into business tools. We offer customised solutions and work closely with clients to deliver their specific needs. Our team of experts and skilled fitters ensure top-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail for optimal performance and functionality. Hover over the images below to learn more.


Comm-Ply offers an important ‘In-life’ programme providing fleets with a maintenance partner that will stock and manage all accessories installed on the vehicle and repair or replace as required throughout the vehicle life. These works can be undertaken at the client’s site or mobile across the UK to minimise vehicle and staff downtime.

Our ‘In-life’ service also ensures that products and accessories maintain conformity with current legislation. This is all through a single supplier and a single order point.


Our ‘End-of-Life’ scheme ensures vehicles find new owners, extending their usefulness. Our track record includes servicing rental vans up to 4 times. When a vehicle reaches its ‘End-of-Life’, we can remove previously installed products that can be transferred to another vehicle as the customer requires. This preserves valuable equipment for their new vehicle. By enhancing appeal and maximising value, we enable customers to sell their vehicles more effectively.

The End-of-Life scheme can bring financial savings, prevent waste and prolong vehicle lifetime.

Graphics Solutions

Transform your vans into more than just transportation. Amplify your brand’s exposure by utilising vehicle wrapping to promote your company while you are on the move.

Our dedicated graphics department are equipped with the expertise needed to meet the increasing demand for ‘Chapter 8’ chevrons, vehicle graphics, signage, and all your printing needs. With our skilled team and state-of-the-art equipment, we deliver superior products with swift turnaround times.

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