The Ultimate Security Solution for Commercial Vehicles

With the alarming rise in van thefts, it’s important to protect your investment with reliable security measures. Comm-Ply locks offer superior protection for your van, with a strong and durable design that is resistant to tampering and forced entry. In addition to our locks, we also offer “Handle Shields” which are designed to protect the vehicle against handle spikes and dramatically reduce the chance of theft. These shields are available in vehicle and door-specific applications, protecting the internal lock mechanism and offering peace of mind from break-ins and costly thefts. 


Another option to consider are our “hook locks”, which are considered by many as the most effective security solution for commercial vehicles, offering vehicle protection and reducing the chance of theft. These locks operate independently from the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) locking system and are compact with several fitting location options. Comm-Ply provides 3 keys and offers a 3-year warranty on our hook locks. Don’t take a chance on having your van stolen or your tools and equipment taken.


Upgrade to Comm-Ply locks, handle shields, and hook locks for the ultimate protection for your vehicle. 


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