We Are Always Pleased to Welcome Returning Customers

We are always pleased to welcome returning customers. On this occasion, our client with 18 vehicles on their fleet, required a selection of products and accessories fitted to meet specific design requirements.
Our national fitment programme ensures that there is no need for customers to bring their vehicles or fleet to our locations (unless they would like us to make them a hot drink of course) and there are no delays in being back on the road.
Products fitted to these vans included:
– Ply lining
– Rubber floor mats
– Bespoke racking
– Internal lighting
– Inverters
– Front work bench
– Chevrons
– Flashers (front and rear)
– Double beacons
– Secondary locks
– Roof vent
Please get in touch to explore how Comm-Ply can service your fleet and specific requirements.
Tel: 0800 0149 940 or email: sales@comm-ply.co.uk