Upgrading of Fitment Hubs

Comm-Ply is working hard to upgrade the fitment hubs in Milton Keynes and Glasgow, transforming them into manufacturing and storage sites. This upgrade will further reduce lead times for customers within the hubs’ catchment areas for products that are manufactured at either of Comm-Ply’s Bristol, and Leeds sites.  

Comm-Ply intend to have 90% of products either in stock or with the capability of being manufactured daily at all our sites moving forwards. We understand that customers require their vehicles or commercial fleets back on the roads as soon as possible. 

By the end of 2022, we aim to offer this at all four of our sites.  

Please contact us to discuss how Comm-Ply can assist with your fleet requirements.   
Tel: 0800 0149 940 or email: sales@comm-ply.co.uk