Vehicle conversion can and does include a multitude of different possibilities. At Comm-ply we specialise in vehicle conversions by taking your vision and turning it into reality. With the help of our dedicated design service and expert product knowledge we can help you transform your vehicles into bespoke hard working tools that allows you to get the best out of your investment.


Carpet Lining

Comm-Ply manufacture and install carpet lining for various types of commercial vehicles.

Carpet lining is known to improve the comfort, insulation and lowers the background sound when driving, as well as improving the aesthetics of the interior.



All of our seats are M1 / N1 tested and come with a verification certificate. There are numerous types of seats available and depending on your van and your requirement, we are happy to advise on the best option for your vehicle. Most seating options can be matched to the manufacturers specification and trim but if not we can install neutral grey/ black, Fabric or Vinyl options. Installing extra passenger seats in your vehicle, which are safety tested and fully legal, can save time and money and potentially increase the residual value of your vehicle.



At Comm-ply we have a huge range of window options that are expertly supplied and fitted. Meeting all UK safety standards our fully fitted windows come in either clear or tinted so you can choose which looks best on your vehicle. Comm-ply built-in windows have that quality manufacturers finish and are often installed when extra seating has been fitted.


Diesel Heater

Comm-ply supply and install diesel air heaters for all types of commercial vehicles. Where ever the heater needs to be situated in the cab our expert fitters have the knowledge to install it in the most appropriate place, whether that be in the luggage compartment or under the floor.

A diesel heater draws in air from outside the vehicle and heats it to the required temperature before delivering it into the vehicle interior.

Supply only also available

Supply only also available

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- Delivery available on request within 48 hours (UK mainland only). Delivery charges may apply