The government has a vested interest in ensuring that Health and Safety guidelines in the work place are adhered to at all times. Often many individuals and even companies are unaware that they may be in breach of even the most basic of health and safety guidelines, especially on the road side. At Comm-ply we offer expert advice alongside a near limitless array of health and safety products that can help ensure your vehicle is health and safety compliant. Whatever your specific needs are when contacting Comm-ply make sure you ask one of our experienced advisors about any health and safety concerns you may have regarding your vehicle.


Safety Steps

We can supply and fit various safety step solutions to your vehicle, including options with parking sensors and lights. We are official suppliers and fitters of Rhino, Hope and Witter products and are happy to advise on the best option for your vehicle’s needs.



At Comm-ply we can fit wind driven or electric roof vents in either black or white. We supply and fit a variety of vent options in a number of different sizes. Ideal for commercial vehicles that require good circulation in the load space.



Hand wash solutions are great for working in locations with no access to hygiene facilities. Available with both hot and cold options. Comm-ply supply and fit various hand wash systems that can be fitted externally or interlay onto chassis cab vehicles.


Fall Arrest

Fall arrest safety solutions are designed and installed onto the rear of Chassis cab vehicles to give safe support when standing on top of a vehicle. This is an essential safety feature that dramatically reduces the risk of falls or damage to the roof.


Chevrons and Livery

If your vehicle has a legal requirement to display high visibility chevrons or livery for road side safety or commercial reasons, Comm-ply supply and then apply to your vehicle with precision accuracy to your specific requirements. We also have a wide range of optional extras such as highway maintenance stickers and reflective tapes that come in a variety of sizes and colours that can be easily applied to the sides of your vehicle.


Seat Covers

We carry a variety of hard wearing and practical seat cover options that can help protect your seats and keep them clean and looking new. Our seat covers come in a variety of different colours and materials and are all made and measured to fit your exact vehicles specifications.


Rear Ramps

If your vehicle requires a ramp to load anything from hefty cargo and palletised goods to motorbikes or heavy machinery, we supply and fit tailor made ramps for most vehicle types. Alleviating the need to manually lift heavy items reduces the risk of injury and increases productivity.


Bulkheads and Covers

Fitting a bulkhead cover can provide essential protection to the driver and passengers of a vehicle that is transporting loose materials in the rear or load space of a vehicle. We supply and fit bulkhead covers as well as specialist covers designed to protect any factory fitted bulkheads, helping to reduce damage to your vehicle in the same way plyline is designed and fitted to work.



At Comm-ply we carry a multitude of health and safety accessories and products, ranging from safety handles that work alongside arrest bars to first aid kits and fire extinguishers. Please ask one of our friendly sales team for the full ranges of products we can offer and they will be happy to advice on what’s best for your vehicles usage and needs.

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Supply only also available

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