‘In-Life’ Programme

Comm-Ply’s ‘In-Life’ programme provides fleet operators a trusted maintenance partner at hand to repair or replace accessories fitted to their vehicles, including legislated ‘Chapter 8’ reflective chevrons. Our expertise ensures customers’ commercial vehicles and fleets meet regulatory requirements.

In 2021, and continuing in 2022, Comm-Ply has produced, supplied, and fitted thousands of ‘Chapter 8’ reflective chevron kits and chevron boards to some of the largest fleet and vehicle suppliers around the UK.

Comm-Ply has the automation, machinery, facilities, and expertise to manage the greatest requirements. With a relentless national growth program and an expanding team, we can produce more kits than ever before. Coupled with increasing economies of scale and being a full-service supplier, Comm-Ply is your perfect commercial vehicle accessory partner.