Health and Safety During Fitments

As a strong advocate for health and safety, for Comm-Ply, it is the number one priority for all fitments. Government legislation and private companies’ health and safety policies require a large number of our products to be fitted to commercial vehicles. These are not luxury items, they are a necessity to travel on the roads, work on the roads and access building sites.

Comm-Ply follows strict steps to ensure health and safety regulations are met. Exteriors of the vehicles must have the correct lighting to stop and work, the correct signage, be able to reverse safely and have evidence of what took place in the unfortunate event of an accident.

Tools and items inside or outside the vehicles must be stowed correctly in case of accidents. with accident and emergency essentials correctly positioned in the cabin as they are, in many cases, also mobile offices. There are many considerations that a health and safety manager must observe to ensure that a company vehicle is fit for purpose.