Comm-Ply Fit Secondary Locks as Van Theft Rises

According to the RAC, van theft is on the rise in the UK, with an average of thirty vans stolen every day since 2016 – costing roughly £61.9 billion to businesses in lost tools and other items.
Comm-Ply strongly recommends all fleet operators have secondary locks fitted to their vehicles – on purchase. Vehicle locks are not impossible to surpass. Supplementary, stronger locks hinder a thief’s attempts and are a deterrent. Likely locations for vehicle break-ins and thefts are car parks and where vehicles cannot be seen or heard during the break-in.
Comm-Ply fit a wide range of locks and other security devices to reduce the likelihood of break-ins, including tracking systems, alarms, immobilisers and tool security boxes. As with all our services, bespoke solutions are available as many fleet operators cannot choose where vehicles are left unattended.