100 Vehicle Fitment

Comm-Ply’s skilled technicians are working through an order of almost of 100 vehicles with accessories being installed at the customer’s location of choice in the London area. Due to the shortage of vehicles in the country, Comm-Ply’s national installation team are fitting these vehicles in batches as and when the vehicles become available.

Fitment includes:
– LED flashers
– Roof bars with roller
– Deadlocks (on drivers and load doors)
– Hot water sink
– DEB handwash station
– 1500w inverter with three leisure batteries
– Reversing camera with mirror mounted monitor
– Exterior lights fitted to the rear of the van with switch above the doors
– Internal LED lighting
– Utility racking

The national installation team completed the fitment of 20 vehicles in just three and a half days. Comm-Ply produces or stocks the majority of products in-house, offering a fast turnaround for all fitments.

Please contact us to discuss how Comm-Ply can assist with your fleet requirements.
Tel: 0800 0149 940 or email: sales@comm-ply.co.uk